What makes Angelino Artworks unique is the wide range of skilled workers and technlogies we can count on.

Whataver is your idea we can make it real.




3D Scanning

The artwork’s 3D model is the base for the construction work and it’s obtained scanning a scaled model provided by the artist.

Thanks to a laser scanner a surface mathematical model is made. This can be defined following the artist’s needs.



Big and complex  installations need to be held together by internal structures. This kind of frameworks can be made through a range of processes like laser cutting, calendering, welding and gluing.

The same is true for the materials: Fe360/430 iron, aluminium, fiberglass or honeycomb profiles.

Painting and coating

The painting & coating process is done inside an air condition cabin after surface treatment with necessary products. The colour is defined by the artist using RAL or PANTONE scale.

Varnishes and coats

  • Bi-components varnish
  • metallized/micalized/holographic varnish
  • synthetic, nitro or water based varnish
  • “soft touch” varnish
  • gelcoat


Our technical department elaborates 3D models for the molds which are suitable to the used technology (pouring, stratification, thermal-forming…).

Molds Materials

  • resins
  • wood
  • silicone
  • aluminium
  • steel

The mold construction is carried out in the internal workshop using the CN technology.

Skin materials and processes

Aesthetically, the external skin is the most important part because it’s the visible one. Even in this case there are a lot of materials you can choose from: fiberglass, metacrilate, Alucobond, laminil carboard, tecnogel, glass, wood, plastic; we use a lot of processes to work with these materials: epoxy or polyurethan resin stratifications or pouring; methacrylate sheets thermo-forming; thermo gluing; laser and water cutting; 3-5 axis milling.

Logistics and assembly

Before the final assembly in the exposition site, inside Angelino Artworks facility, the artwork is preassembled simulating the final exposure conditions. This is due to have the final approval from the artist; to prepare the elements for the final assembly; to complete the final finishing; to do the functionality test.

We also manage to package and transport the finished products to the exposition sites, providing all the necessary devices to do the final assembly in total safety.